Sunset at Waikiki with Shaka Guide

Sunset at Waikiki with Shaka Guide

Best Places to Catch a Sunset on Oahu

Megan Potter

Hawaii’s sunsets are some of the best you’ll ever see. With vibrant hues and a variety of colors spanning the horizon, Oahu is situated in the perfect location to admire the beauty of it all.

Here are some of the best spots to discover the island while watching the sunset. 

1. Sunset Beach

A serene beach at sunset with a lone palm tree casting a long shadow on the sand.

As the name implies, this is one of the top places to view a sunset on Oahu.

Located on the island's North Shore, this beach is great for watching surfers in the winter and swimming in the summer when the waves have calmed down.

But, what's better than relaxing in the sand and enjoying breathtaking views of a sunset?

Grab a spot, sit back, and look out over the ocean for soft yellow, pink, and orange tones that span the horizon.

Want to visit Sunset Beach? It's a stop on our Circle Island Tour!

2. Kaena Point

Captivating image of the picturesque Kauai coast, a top travel spot known for its beauty and tranquility.

Kaena Point is the westernmost tip of Oahu, providing a beautiful and unmasked sunset.

Ideal for those looking to escape the crowds, it's remote and it takes a hike to get there.

Kaena Point can get hot during the day so saving it for right before sunset is key. 

Just remember to take a headlamp for the hike back!

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3. Waikiki Beach

A beautiful sunset with palm trees in the foreground.Joris Visser / Unsplash

Imagine the sunset beneath palm trees. That's what you'll find in Waikiki.

Our Heart of Waikiki Walking Tour will guide you directly to the beach, one of the best places to watch a sunset on Oahu.

Learning the history of this neighborhood will make your sunset even more rewarding.

We recommend starting the tour about an hour before sunset and watching the Duke Kahanamoku statue.

While you're there, see if the myth of a green flash before sunset proves to be true!

On certain days of the week, you can stay for a hula performance -- you can even join in!

This is our pick for the most family-friendly spot to watch the sunset as it's easily accessible, close to Honolulu, and you can enjoy activities both before and after the sun goes down!

4. China Walls

China Walls is known as a hidden gem for sunsets. Tucked away in the hills of Hawaii Kai, you can enjoy a sunset that overlooks the vast turquoise water.

Arrive early to watch surfers catching waves on the edge of a small cliff.

China Walls is for experienced surfers and swimmers only!

Take caution as there have been incidents of people getting too close to the edge and getting washed out by waves.

Best to enjoy the sunset from the shore at this spot.

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5. Tantalus Lookout

A breathtaking view of Waikiki Beach with the Tantalus Lookout in the background.

A break from your typical beach view, Tantalus Lookout offers a picturesque backdrop to an Oahu sunset.

Lounge on the lawn as you watch the sun setting over the city.

Visit Tantalus Lookout on Shaka Guide's Honolulu Backyard Rainforest Tour

Head there just before sunset as they close the gates during it.

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