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Very entertaining!

makemylifeeasy 19 hours ago iOS

Used the Shaka app for the Classic Road to Hana. This was so informative but also in an enjoyably entertaining way! Would have missed so much without it. Highly recommend!!


The Only TOUR You Need!

Lolo0987 19 hours ago iOS

Can’t recommend the Shaka Guide enough! Such fun, so informative, and so comprehensive when it comes to the actual tours. We used the Shaka Guide to tour Oah’u and Maui and are so glad we did. We learned a ton about Hawaiian history and culture and were led to some of the most incredible spots, even some off the beaten path. Who wants to spend hours on a bus with strangers and a tight schedule? Not us! And thanks to Shaka Giide tours, we didn’t need to. This app is genius! Download the tours! You’ll be glad you did!


Amazing App!

L Rust 19 hours ago iOS

We used this on our trip to Hawaii on the Big Island. It is very accurate and shared great stories and history about different points. We learned way more about the history than we would have just driving around. I highly recommend this app!!


Ann Anderson 22 hours ago Android

This app is amazing. The prompts were perfectly timed, allowing us to make the stops we wanted to. All the tips and stories we greatly appreciated. We felt like we knew the area well. Traveled safely to Hana. It was so fun.


S S 1 day ago Android

Made my day EXTRA special. Looking forward to next time too ☺️


Marco Iannazzi 1 day ago Android

Molto utile che le tappe siano opzionali, si possa partire dal posto preferito. App non compatibile con Android auto ma la voce arriva dallo stereo dell'auto. Migliorabile lo zoom che sarebbe meglio fosse anche maggiore di quello concesso massimo. Provato per la guida del Bryce canyon e la voce (US) era molto capace, certamente una attrice, niente di IA

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