Beach View from Pill Box Trail | Photo by @briangarrityphoto via  Unsplash

Beach View from Pill Box Trail | Photo by @briangarrityphoto via Unsplash

Oahu Camping Guide

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Camping is one of the best ways to experience Hawaii. You are immersed in Hawaii's nature which allows you to experience a peaceful sunset with warm colors setting above the ocean while waking up to a bright blue sky and crashing waves along the beach in the morning.

Not only does it offer you something different than a hotel room would, but it’s also less expensive!

Rental Gear

Oahu Outdoors Shaka Guide
Oahu Outdoors
Location: Laie

Oahu Outdoors lets you choose from different camping kits such as the complete camping kit which includes a four-person tent for $50/night or a camper van kit that includes a sleeping platform for the van with a four-person tent for $50/night.
They make it easy by allowing you to reserve a date and time online here.

If you’re also interested, they have complete kayak adventure kits and stand-up paddle boarding kits as well! If a kit is too much for what you need, they allow you to rent single items.

Hawaii Camp Life Shaka Guide Oahu

Hawai’i Camp Life
Location: Honolulu

Hawai’i Camp Life offers anything from tents, to sleeping accessories, hiking packs, cookware, water filters, and other accessories you may need to make your camping on Oahu a success! Just choose your gear, pick a camping date, and a date to pick up and drop the items off here and you’re set! Tents run at $35, sleeping bags are less than $20, and cookware is $10 to give you an idea of the cost! They also have the option of delivering your gear to the airport for added convenience.


A camping permit is required in all city campgrounds and there’s no camping on Wednesday or Thursday for city parks! You can either get a three-day permit for $32 or a five-day permit for $52. You can get a permit here.

Camp Sites


Type: Private
Hours: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM
Price:  Campsites start at $30/person ($20 for residents), hold 2-10 people
Suites are ~$60 and ~$120/night, hold 4 people

On the North side of the island is the Malaekahana State Park, one of the most popular camping sites on Oahu. The calm waters allow excellent conditions for swimming, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling. They also have a food truck available from Thursday to Monday offering delicious meals when you don’t feel like making your own! If you forget anything on your camping trip, don't worry with their on-site camp store. If you’re a first-time camper, this would be a great place to start because they’ll have you covered!

Bellows Field Beach Park

Type: County
Permit: $32 for 3-Day Pass; $52 for 5-Day Pass

The Bellows Field Beach Park on the coastal Southeast side of Oahu give you the gorgeous backdrop of the Ko‘olau mountains. The view doesn’t disappoint which is why the permits to this park go fast! Make sure to book as soon as you know your dates to make sure you’ll be able to spend a night of amazing camping on Oahu!

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
Type: County
Permit: $32 for 3-Day Pass; $52 for 5-Day Pass

The Ho‘omaluhia Park is on the Southeast side of the island, closer to the mountains than Bellows Field Beach Park. Camping here is pretty much camping in the Oahu rainforest. You’ll be surrounded by trees and nature, creating an atmosphere filled peace and tranquility. It’s located on a lake too!

Kualoa Regional Park

Type: County
Permit: $32 for 3-Day Pass; $52 for 5-Day Pass

Beach at Kualoa Regional Park Shaka Guide OahuBeach at Kualoa Regional Park; Daniel Ramirez / Wikimedia Commons; CC-BY-2.0

Located on Oahu's windward coast,  Kualoa Regional Park is a centrally located 150-acre peninsula. There are two campgrounds but note that one is closed during the summer season due to a children’s camping program. The campground that is open all year has fourteen campsites and offers an immense view of Mokoli‘i Island, also called Chinaman’s Hat. Many Hollywood movies were filmed nearby at Kualoa Ranch because of the breathtaking views, so make sure to take a tour and see what the rave is about!

Spots for camping on Oahu offer  unique views from luscious green landscapes to the coastline views. Kualoa Regional Park and Malaekahana are the best choices for families! Malaekahana has an on-site store, a yummy food truck so you’re not limited to making your own camping food, and has activities such as snorkeling and swimming! The Kualoa Regional Park is close to Kualoa Ranch, a perfect destination for families to explore popular Hollywood movies! Whether you prefer to stay inland or head out to the coast, you can be sure to find an ideal spot on Oahu! 

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