A pier on Moliʻi Fishpond looking toward the Koʻolau Mountain Range at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii

A pier on Moliʻi Fishpond looking toward the Koʻolau Mountain Range at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii

Which Oahu Tour Is The Best?

Amy Fujimoto

Which Oahu tour is the best? This can be an incredibly difficult question to answer because on Oahu there are so many choices when it comes to sightseeing tours around the island. With hotspots such as Waikiki, Honolulu, and the North Shore, it's no wonder why visitors to Oahu are bombarded with tours, coupons, deals, and promotions the moment they arrive.

That's why we've decided to compare common Oahu tours with Shaka Guide's Oahu 6-Tour Bundle for $29.99! While we know that the Shaka Guide experience is a no-brainer, we want you to see both sides of the coin so you can choose the best excursion for you.

Why Are Shaka Guide's Oahu Tours The Best?

With over 200,000 Shaka Guide users worldwide, there's something to be said about our Oahu tours. The narrated tour delves deep into Oahu's history and legends as you drive around the island. The tour keeps you updated with what's coming up and lets you know if it's something you'll enjoy based on your interests. This gives you a ton of freedom as you get to choose where you want to go and how long you want to stay.

Although, the best part about Shaka Guide's Oahu tours has got to be the price!


For just $29.99, you get all 6 Oahu tours and that price covers EVERYONE in your car! Since you only need one smartphone with our Shaka Guide app, you only need to pay $29.99 whether you're traveling with a large group in a van, or by yourself on a solo trip.

Best Oahu Tour? Guided Tours vs. Shaka Guide Tours

Traditional Oahu tours that take you from point A to point B generally cost between $100 - $150 per person. These guided tours come with an in-person tour guide, pick-up/drop-off services, and a set schedule of the most popular spots that tourists typically enjoy. Your budget spent on multuple tours for your Oahu vacation can easily cost $1,000 per person especially when you factor in tip and other popular activities such as snorkeling/diving excursions, whale watch cruises, and surfing lessons.

By combining all of your driving tour excursions and opting for Oahu's $29.99 6-Tour bundle, you'll be able to use all of that extra money on activities you truly want to give a try such as souvenir shopping, diving with sharks, or even splurging on a fancy meal.

When we looked for popular tours on Oahu here's what they cost:

  • Grand Circle Island Tour - $100 per person
  • Private Circle Island Tour - $150 per person
  • North Shore Tour - $170 per person
  • East Oahu Tour - $100 per person
  • Honolulu Tour - $150 per person
  • Downtown Honolulu Tour - $100 per person
  • Waikiki Tour - $100 per person
  • Diamond Head + North Shore Combo Tour - $120 per person

Why so expensive?

Guided tours tend to hover at around $100 per person because they require an in-person guide, a vehicle, and a lot of time dedicated to shuttling their passengers around the island before bringing them back to their hotel again.

Shaka Guide Oahu Tours

  • Grand Circle Island Tour: $19.99. 6 - 8 hours and 120 narration points. Our bestselling tour on the island that explores Oahu's most popular spots - visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, Waimea Bay, Haleiwa, the Dole Plantation and more! 
  • Legendary North Shore Loop: $19.99. 8 - 10 hours and 119 narration points. Explore the famous North Shore beaches and learn about the island's surf history. 
  • East Oahu Shoreline Drive: $19.99. 6 - 8 hours and 116 narration points. Filled with amazing sights and hikes that will keep you busy the entire day.
  • Honolulu's Backyard Rainforest Tour: $19.99. 2 - 4 hours and 73 narration points. Did you know Honolulu has a rainforest and even a waterfall? Discover the amazing hikes hidden in Honolulu's backyard.
  • Historic Downtown Honolulu Tour: $4.99. 1 - 2 hours and 16 narration points. Our popular walking tour that takes you through Honolulu's history.
  • Heart Of Waikiki Walking Tour: $4.99. 1 - 2 hours and 13 narration points. Fun walking tour exploring important points of interests in Waikiki.








At the very minimum, doing all 6 of our Oahu tours will keep you busy exploring for 4-5 days at the very least. But, we guesstimate you’ll spend at least 24 - 34 hours doing all 6 tours because we’re sure you’ll want to spend some time relaxing and hitting the beach.

The average Oahu tour usually market half-day or full-day tours, with the circle island tours lasting a full day up to 8 hours. While it’s a long day, it doesn’t come close to the amount of quality tour time you’ll get with Shaka Guide’s Oahu tours. Your vacation time is very important to us, so we've made sure you're able to customize your day by going to places that interest you instead of sticking to a predetermined schedule.

Local Gems

Visit local gems that you won’t find with anyone else. As you drive, your tour guide will point out different stops along the way that most people miss or don’t even know are there! In fact, some of our Shaka Guide users are repeat visitors to Hawaii and are surprised at how many new things they learned and saw on the app.

"We have been to Oahu more than 15 times and this tour is truly WONDERFUL!" -Jenette Crabb

Traditional Oahu tours usually take you to the must-see, popular hotspots. While these are great places to go - and are also included on the Shaka Guide tours - Shaka Guide prides itself on visiting lesser-known spots to reveal the island's history in a way you won’t experience anywhere else. 

Number Of Stops

Purchasing Shaka Guide’s Oahu Tour Bundle gives you guided access to over 400 stops, highlights, and points of interest. Plus, you get to choose where to go, making your vacation completely customizable.

In comparison, opting for a traditional Oahu tour will only introduce you to about 10 - 15 locations depending on their itinerary. This is because most guided tours will include a couple of activities that require an hour or so of time such as snorkeling, eating lunch, or visiting a farm.

Freedom To Explore

Shaka Guide’s Oahu tours will NEVER force you to return to your car. Everything is based on your schedule and preference. Want to enjoy the view for a little while longer on that hike? Or, maybe you’d like to explore that optional side trip we mentioned at that botanical garden? Go ahead! You don’t have to rush back just to return to the tour in time. Your tour continues whenever you get back to your car.

Touring with an in-person tour guide means sticking to a rigid schedule. Most tours are done with other families or groups and in order to make everyone happy, there’s a specific time you have to arrive and leave a specific attraction. You can opt for a private tour, but that's usually an additional $50 - $100 per person in addition to the base tour cost.


Shaka Guide has over 3,500 reviews for our Oahu tours and it’s growing fast! In fact, when you put all of our tours together (we have tours for several Hawaiian Islands and national parks), we’re currently at 18,000+ reviews in the app stores!

Traditional Oahu tours also come highly rated. The in-person experience is nothing to complain about and you'll see that many guided tours have fantastic reviews as well. Whether you choose a traditional tour or a Shaka Guide Oahu tour as the best, you’ll have a great time because there are plenty of 5-star reviews for both!

Grand Circle Island Tour

By far the most popular driving tour on Oahu is what's often dubbed the "Grand Circle Island Tour". Almost every driving tour company does a Grand Circle Island Tour where they take visitors around the entire island visiting popular stops and attractions along the way.

Of course, Shaka Guide's Grand Circle Island Tour is also our bestselling Oahu tour and takes most of our users an entire day to complete! We'll guide you to different stops, hikes, and viewpoints while sharing each location's history and legends to enhance your visit to Oahu's most famous scenic drive. The best part is that you get to choose the destination. If you're interested in less touristy spots or different food options, we'll let you know where to go so your Grand Circle Island Tour can be exactly the way you want it to be.

On the other hand, traditional Grand Circle Island Tours have a very set schedule. With so many things to do and see on the itinerary, only the most famous make the list. You can expect stops such as Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, and the Kahuku shrimp trucks for lunch to be included in your Circle Island itinerary.








All Shaka Guide tours have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can try out our Oahu tours with zero risk! Plus, our reliable customer support team is there to help answer any questions you may have. The app also has no expiration date and free updates forever. That means you can use these tours as much as you want, as many times you want, even on your next trip to Oahu!

Understandably, most Oahu tours can’t offer a full refund. In fact, the general policy for these tours is no refunds within 24 hours of your tour time. If something unexpected happens, be ready to wave “aloha” to your tour and money.

Which Oahu Tour Is The Best?

Here at Shaka guide, we believe that our Oahu tours will give you an incredible vacation while saving you time and money. Plus, our tours give you the freedom to fully customize your experience with powerful GPS technology and fantastic storytelling elements.

However, no number can be put on any Oahu experience. There are huge pros to choosing a more traditional tour as well. But if you’re looking for a quality tour at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with Shaka Guide’s Oahu tours.


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