In Hawaiian, Haleakala means house of the sun -- that’s why it’s one of the best places on the island to watch the sunrise. We’ll guide you to the summit with legends and history of this sacred spot, just in time for sunrise.

Here are just a few of the fun things you can do on the tour!

•⁠ Watch the sunrise atop Mt. Haleakala
•⁠ Hike the Hosmer Grove or Sliding Sands trails
•⁠ Visit a lavender or dairy farm
•⁠ Walk through historic Makawao Town

Recommended Start Time: Before 4:00 a.m. (check sunrise times in advance)
Tour Starting Point(s): Kahului
Direction: Loop, Loop, ending where you began
Please Note: You’ll need a reservation to enter the park for sunrise, use the link below to make a reservation:

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  • Beaches

  • Views

  • Hikes

  • Snorkeling

  • Local Food

  • Storytelling

Tour Stops

  • Pukalani Town

    Pukalani Town

  • 31 Haleakala - Maui

    Drive up Mount Haleakala

  • 32 red hill with people

    Red Hill Summit

  • Pa Ka'oao Trail

    Pa Ka'oao Trail

  • hike - sliding sands

    Sliding Sands Trail

  • 33 kalahaku view

    Kalahaku Overlook

  • 35 leleiwi sign

    Leleiwi Overlook

  • 28 halemau'u trail view

    Halemau'u Crater Hike

  • 42 Trees at Hosmer

    Hosmer Grove - Nature Trail

  • Haleakala National Park Entrance

    Haleakala National Park Entrance Sign

  • Haleakala Valley View

    Final Viewpoint

  • Upcountry West Maui

    Upcountry Farms

  • 34 Makawao Steak house

    Makawao Town



Tour FAQ’s

Where does the tour go?

This tour begins in Kahului and guides you through the park until you reach the summit. From there you’ll watch the sunrise before continuing the tour with hikes and viewpoints on your way down the mountain. Here are some of the popular spots you can explore on the tour! 

  • Pukalani Town

  • Upper Visitor’s Center

  • Sliding Sands Trails

  • Kalahaku Overlook

  • Leleiwi Overlook

  • Halemau’u Trail

  • Lower Visitor’s Center

  • Historic Makawao Town

For help planning your day check out our Sunrise at Haleakala National Park suggested itinerary and here's everything you need to know before you go.

Can I join the Sunrise at Haleakala National Park Tour along the route?

Yes! Feel free to join the tour along the route. Just make sure that you follow the numbers in chronological order from where you are starting from.  If you don’t begin at one of the tour starting points you’ll miss a few stories, but you’ll still have a great experience.

What should I pack for the Sunrise at Haleakala National Park tour?

Here’s our packing list for this tour. It may seem a little long, but remember, what you bring depends on the activities you choose to do for the day. 

  • Layers, Jacket, Blanket: temperatures can reach below freezing at the summit, especially before sunrise
  • Sneakers 
  • Hiking Clothes 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Towel 
  • Bathing Suit 
  • Sandals 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sun Glasses and/or Hat 
  • Snacks 
  • Cash 
  • Car Charger *Very Important*
  • Phone Mount 

What should I budget for the Sunrise at Haleakala National Park tour?

Aside from the morning reservation which costs $1.50, there’s only one entrance fee on this tour and that’s at the park itself. Entrance costs $30.00 per car. There are optional trips to Upcountry Maui and Makawao Town where you can visit some paid attractions and grab a bite to eat.

Where can I book a sunrise reservation for Haleakala National Park?

You can book a sunrise reservation for Haleakala up to seven days in advance here. Please note, you do NOT need a reservation to see the sunset, just the sunrise.

What time is the sunrise?

It depends on the time of year, but sunrise in the winter (October-March) is between 6:15 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and in the summer (April-September) it’s between 5:45 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. We recommend you double check the night before your visit. 

Please note, if you’re staying in West Maui at one of the resorts in Lahaina, Kaanapali or Kapalua it takes about 45 minutes to reach the start of the tour in Kahului and then about an hour to reach the summit — plan for two hours of travel time.

Can I take the tour in the opposite direction?

No, this tour can only be done in one direction.

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Chris Demke | May 2022
Accurate, informative and easy to use! Shaka Guide was my navigator on 2 separate trips to Maui (2017, 2022) It is much more than a navigator as the guide includes a rich history narrative and interesting stories. A wonderfully entertaining app!

Shaka Guide

Responded | May 2022

Jeff Bernstein | May 2022
Was a very thorough guide for the road to Hana! I would recommend adding some music during the non speaking portions, just for some continued island vibes as you soak in the beauty of Hana 🤙

Shaka Guide

Responded | May 2022

David Kovalevskij | May 2022
Highly recommended!!

Shaka Guide

Responded | May 2022
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