road in grand teton

road in grand teton

Shaka Guide's Grand Teton National Park Itinerary


Grand Teton national park tour

Welcome to Shaka Guide’s Grand Teton National Park tour! Because Grand Teton is connected to Yellowstone National Park and easily accessible via the Rockefeller Highway, a majority of people choose to visit both parks during their trip.

If you’d like a more comprehensive itinerary that includes both parks, check out Shaka Guide’s  Yellowstone National Park itinerary. Check out our Yellowstone and Grand Teton Driving Tour Bundle to save on both Shaka Guide tours!

There are several starting points for Shaka Guide’s Grand Teton National Park tour, depending on where you’re coming from. 

They are:

  • Yellowstone’s South Entrance 
  • Moran, WY 
  • Jackson Hole, WY 

If you’re coming directly from Yellowstone, we’ve included our suggested route below. This tour has a total of 36 stops - here are 18 of our favorites! Download (Google / Apple) the app for a complete list of stops. 

Our Favorite Grand Teton Tour Stops

1. Grand Teton National Park Sign

grand teton sign board with white mountains far awayShutterstock Image

5 to 10 minutes

If you’re coming from Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Teton National Park entry sign will be on the right side of the road. There’s a good amount of parking here, so be sure to swing in and get that all-important Park sign pic!

2. Jackson Lake Overlook

lake on a sunset with clear waterShutterstock Image

5 to 10 minutes

Stop at Jackson Lake Overlook to get a first look at the Teton Mountain Range in all its glory, towering over the historic Jackson Lake.

3. Colter Bay Village

bay with a lot of boatsImage from Flickr by 

1-2 hours

Need to fuel up? Need a snack or a stretch break? Colter Bay Village has it all! General store, grocery store, gas station, and souvenir shop! If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, Colter Bay Village offers kayaking, canoeing, motorboats, lake cruises, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, beach-going, and more. In fact, it’s often been described as a summer camp for the whole family!

4. Oxbow Bend

crystal clear river with pine trees and a snowy mountain on a sunsetShutterstock Image

5-10 minutes

There are four places within Grand Teton National Park known as “The Famous Four,” because they are the four most photographed areas in the entire park. Oxbow Bend is one of these. This is also the most popular place to view a Grand Teton sunrise or sunset. Stop and gaze at the crescent shaped bend in the Snake River with the Teton range in the distance. Be advised, though–this turnout gets very busy around sunset, so plan accordingly!

5. Cunningham Cabin

cabin at the grasslands on a sunriseShutterstock Image

Up to 1 hour

Cunningham Cabin is another “Famous Four” places at Grand Teton. Take a short walk through history as you explore around one of the first homesteads in the area.

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6. Schwabacher Landing

small river in the forest with mountains at the backShutterstock Image

Up to 1 hour

The third of the Famous Four! Schwabacher Landing used to be a popular boat launch, but in recent years, the Snake River shifted just enough that boats are no longer able to access it. Instead, you’ll have amazing views of the Teton Range and the surrounding forest reflected in the Snake River. It’s a great place for wildlife viewing, too! 



7. Snake River Overlook

snake river overlook on grand tetonShutterstock Image

Up to 1 hour

Snake River Overlook is the fourth of the Famous Four. This one was made famous by nature photographer Ansel Adams, and for good reason. From this iconic viewpoint, you’ll be able to view the gentle bends of the Snake River set against the Teton Range. But don’t be fooled by the serenity of the scene. Early fur trappers in the Tetons nicknamed the Snake River “The Accursed Mad River” because of its wild unpredictability.

8. Mormon Row

house at the center of grasslandsShutterstock Image

Up to 1 hour

Mormon Row was one of the first actual communities within Grand Teton National Park. In the early 1920s, it was a bustling, self-sufficient town. Today all that’s left behind are memories— and buildings, like the Moulton Barns and the Chambers Homestead.

These are now on the National Registry of Historic Places, and you’ll be able to walk among them. Also, the Moulton Barn has the distinction of being the most photographed barn in the United States. Make sure you snap your own picture!

9. Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center

architectural house with grasses and yellow trees around itImage from Flickr by 

Up to 1 hour

The Craig Thomas Discovery Center Stop at the Craig Thomas Discovery Information and Orientation: The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center offers trail information, weather, and other general information.

Ranger-Led Programs: Rangers lead a variety of programs throughout the day. Please refer to the ranger-led program page for current schedules.

Exhibits: Enjoy modern displays that explore the themes of place, people, preservation and mountaineering. View a collection of Native American Indian artifacts from the Vernon Collection. A raised relief map of the park provides a birds-eye-view of the valley, canyons, lakes and peaks. Follow the mountain peak identifiers inlaid in the floor to view your favorite peak.

Movie: Watch a 24-minute high-definition movie Grand Teton National Park: Life on the Edge by Discovery Communications, Inc., or take a stroll along the video "rivers' inlaid in the floor.

Permits: Visit the permits desk for backpacking information and permits, or to purchase a boat permit.

Bookstore: Grand Teton Association operates a store in the visitor center.

10. Murie Ranch

cabin in the forestImage from Flickr by 

10 to 15 minutes

Visit the historic home of the Muries—more commonly known as the Grandparents of the Conservation Movement. In fact, the John Denver song A Song For All Lovers is based on the famous couple!

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11. Chapel of the Transfiguration

chapel with bushes around and mountain at the backShutterstock Image

Up to 1 hour

Come and find some peace inside this beautiful little chapel nestled in the shadows of the Teton range. This chapel was built in 1925, and it’s still an active Episcopal congregation today!

12. Menor’s Ferry Historic District

old ferry with mountains at the backgroundShutterstock Image

1 to 2 hours

Stroll through the historic buildings that once belonged to–and were built by–William Menor himself. In the 1920s, Menor was the first homesteader to build on the West bank of the Snake River, and with the building of the ferry, he was able to open a whole new trade route to the Teton range! 

13. Taggart Lake Trail

clear lake with pine trees and rocky mountain on a clear skyShutterstock Image

Up to 3 hours

Taggart Lake Trail is a 3.8-mile loop just north of Moose Junction. It’s a moderately easy hike through sagebrush flats to the base of the Teton Mountain Range.

14. Cottonwood Creek Picnic Area

yellow trees with mountains at the backShutterstock Image

Up to 30 minutes

Sure, Cottonwood Creek Picnic Area is a nice place to stop and rest, but the real stars of the show here are the wild burros that hang out in the field across the street. As long as you remember your safety tips and keep a safe distance, the burros will let you take selfies with them!

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15. Jenny Lake Recreation Area

crystal clear lake with pine trees and mountains at the backShutterstock Image

1 to 2 hours

Hiking, biking, cycling, and more! The Jenny Lake Recreation Area offers it all. Swim in the lake, hike the amazing trails, take the scenic drive through the forest, and learn the tragically beautiful history of this sacred place.

16. Signal Mountain Scenic Drive

view of mountain with horseback yellow sign along the roadShutterstock Image

Up to one hour

This is a seven-mile drive that climbs nearly 1,000 feet above sea level. At the top, you’ll be treated to sweeping vistas of the entire Teton valley. This drive is a little scary; the road is narrow, the switchbacks are sharp, and the sides of the road are pretty steep. But the view at the top? Totally worth it!

17. Signal Mountain Lodge

signal mountain lodge sign along the roadImage from Flickr by 

1-2 hours

They’ve got dining! They’ve got lodging! They’ve got shopping! They’ve even got a marina for kayaking, boating and fighting. Signal Mountain is the perfect pit-stop place on Teton Park Road.

18. Chapel of the Sacred Heart

chapel with yellow roof and yellow cross at the door Image from Flickr by 

Up to 1 hour

Take a few minutes to marvel at this quaint Catholic church that’s part of Grand Teton history! It was built in 1937, and its large stained glass windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. This tranquil sanctuary provides visitors with a serene setting to reflect, find solace, and appreciate the spiritual harmony between nature and architecture.

After Chapel of the Sacred Heart, you’ll cross over the Jackson Lake Dam and end up at Highway 191, aka the Rockefeller Parkway. From here, you can turn left to head towards Yellowstone National Park, or you can turn right to head to Jackson Hole, Moran, and all points east of the park.

Grand Teton National Park Stops Map

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