Moose in Grand Teton / Shutterstock Image

Moose in Grand Teton / Shutterstock Image

The 17 EPIC Things To Do in Grand Teton National Park


Grand Teton National Park Tour Map

Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming boasts majestic mountain peaks, peaceful lakes, and rich wildlife. All visitors can enjoy thrilling hikes, wildlife encounters, and calm moments in nature. Here are the best things to do in the park!


1. Hike the Cascade Canyon Trail

trail along the mountainsImage from Flickr by 

The Cascade Canyon Trail starts at Jenny Lake and passes waterfalls, alpine meadows, and Cascade Creek, offering stunning vistas of the Teton Range.

2. Stroll on the Jenny Lake Trail

lake with white mountains at autumn seasonJenny Lake / Shutterstock Image

The Jenny Lake Trail is perfect for leisurely strolls with spectacular views. This popular walk allows visitors to enjoy the lovely water of Jenny Lake reflecting the Teton Range. Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point can be explored from here.

3. Taggart and Bradley Lakes Loop

trail going to the mountainsShutterstock Image

The Taggart-Bradley Lakes Loop winds through beautiful woodlands and wildflower meadows, and it offers stunning vistas of the Teton Range. Trekkers can also take a refreshing swim in Taggart or Bradley Lakes.

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moose drinking water in lakeShutterstock Image

4. Observe Wild Moose

In Grand Teton National Park, moose thrive. These gorgeous animals can be observed from a reasonable distance, especially around water and marshy places.

5. Opportunity to see Grizzly Bears

bear walking accross the roadImage from Flickr by 

Spotting a grizzly bear is thrilling, but it requires caution. Bear encounters can be avoided by carrying bear spray, making noise while hiking, and storing food appropriately.

6. Watch Bison in Grand Teton

two bisons fightingImage from Flickr by 

A must-see in Grand Teton is a bison herd in the wild. These enormous animals graze calmly in broad meadows or traverse rough terrain. It is important to remember that bison are wild animals, so it is best to stay away.



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Wildlife Watching Tips

  • Maintain a safe distance: When observing wildlife, it is important to keep away and avoid disturbing them. Use binoculars or a telescopic lens for observation.
  • Use designated pullouts: Utilize designated pullouts or parking places when watching wildlife from your car to protect animals and people.
  • Avoid feeding wildlife: Feeding wildlife should be avoided as it can change their behavior and make them dependent on humans.
  • Practice quiet observation: It is recommended to observe animals quietly and reduce noise to avoid shocking or scaring them.
  • Follow park regulations: Following the park's wildlife watching rules is essential to safeguard animals and their habitats.

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Scenic Drives and Viewpoints

road to the tetonsShutterstock Image

Grand Teton National Park offers several scenic drives and photo opportunities to capture the park's natural splendor. Here are some famous spots and photography tips:

7. Take memorable scenic photos at Teton Park Road

This 20-mile stretch offers magnificent views of the Teton Range and Snake River. Take panoramic photos of the vast scenery from roadside pullouts.

8. Visit at sunrise/sunset at Summit Road

river overlook at dawnSnake River Overlook/ Shutterstock Image

Drive up Signal Mountain for stunning views of the Teton Range, Jackson Hole, and Snake River. Visit at sunrise or sunset for breathtaking lighting and colors.

9. A scenic heritage snapshot at Historic Mormon Row

barnShutterstock Image

Antique homesteads framed by the Teton Range make for magnificent photographs. Capture the antique barns and cabins against the hilly backdrop.

10. Capture Teton reflections at Schwabacher Landing

mountain reflecting on the lakeShutterstock Image

Known for its mirror-like reflections of the Teton Range in the beaver ponds, Schwabacher Landing offers a chance to capture the mirror effect and wildlife.

Water Activities

person kayaking in grand tetonImage from Flickr by U.S. Department of the Interior

11. Explore serene kayaking spots

Grand Teton National Park offers a variety of water activities on its lakes. From thrilling rafting adventures on the Snake River to peaceful and private kayaking experiences, there is something for everyone.

12. Canoeing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding on Jackson Lake and Jenny Lake provide an opportunity to glide through crystal-clear waters while enjoying the breathtaking Teton ranges.

13. Go fishing in scenic waters

Anglers can also indulge in fishing, catching trout and other native fish in the park's lakes and rivers, including the Snake River. Before fishing, it is important to obtain permits and be familiar with the park's fishing regulations.

14. Camp in picturesque surroundings

The park's campgrounds allow visitors to experience the natural splendor. Popular campgrounds include:

Backcountry Camping

Grand Teton National Park also offers backcountry camping, allowing guests to explore remote locations in the park's unspoiled environment. However, a backcountry camping permit must be obtained from the park's visitor center for safety reasons. These permits help protect the park's sensitive ecosystems and inform campers of any limitations.

Visitor Centers and Museums

inside of Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor CenterImage from Flickr by 

15. Visit Craig Thomas Discovery Center

beautiful center in the forestImage from Flickr by 

Grand Teton National Park boasts many visitor centers. The Craig Thomas Discovery Center in Moose, Wyoming, explains the park's natural and cultural value. Park rangers actively answer questions and enthusiastically recommend paths.

16. Explore Native American heritage exhibits

facade of a visitor centerImage from Flickr by 

The Colter Bay Visitor Center on Jackson Lake shares park history and offers scenic views. It proudly showcases Native American ancestry and highlights the park's distinctive ecology. The facility actively provides boat rentals, guides cruises, and operates a gift shop with local products and art.

17. Explore Muries' log cabin

log cabinImage from Flickr by 

The Murie Ranch Historic District, which legendary conservationists Olaus and Margaret Murie once called home, is a must-see for park history enthusiasts. Visitors can actively explore the Muries' log cabin and learn about their impactful environmental activities, gaining valuable insight into the park's history and the imperative of natural preservation.


Grand Teton National Park actively invites visitors to experience its spectacular scenery, hike along its breathtaking paths, and engage in thrilling wildlife encounters. Nature lovers and adventurers consider visiting Grand Teton National Park an absolute necessity.

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For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our Grand Teton National Park Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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