Bull Moose / Shutterstock Image

Bull Moose / Shutterstock Image

What Wildlife You'll See in Grand Teton National Park


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Welcome to Grand Teton National Park, where you'll discover a stunning and diverse ecosystem! Experience the thrill of encountering Black Bears, Gray Wolves, and other wildlife in their natural habitats. This article provides a glimpse into the park's incredible wildlife.

1. Black bear

Grizzly Bear in Grand TetonImage from Flickr by 

These bears inhabit forests and meadows. American Black Bears have a stocky build and a distinctive white breast marking. They are skilled foragers.

2. Gray wolf

Wolves can be found particularly in the northern part of the park. These pack-oriented predators communicate through haunting howls. They are intelligent, cooperative, and adept hunters.

3. Moose

Grand Teton mooseImage from Flickr by 

Look for moose near lakes, wetlands, and streams. These magnificent herbivores have long legs, a humped back, and impressive antlers (in males). Moose are strong swimmers and are most active during early mornings and evenings.

4. American Bison

Bison in grand tetonImage from Flickr by 

Observe these iconic animals on sagebrush plains and meadows. American Bison, also known as buffalo, are massive creatures with a shaggy, dark brown coat and a distinctive shoulder hump. They graze in groups and are a symbol of the American West.

5. Pronghorn

PronghornImage from Flickr by 

Spot Pronghorn in meadows and shrubby areas. These North American land mammals are the fastest in the Western Hemisphere. With their brown fur, white neck and flank patches, and striking horns, they are a marvel to behold.

6.Bald eagle

bald eagle staringImage from Flickr by 

Listen for the calls of Bald Eagles soaring in the sky and near lakes and rivers. These magnificent raptors have white heads, brown bodies, and impressive 7-foot wingspans. They are skilled fish hunters.

7. Bighorn sheep

bighorn ramImage from Flickr by 

Witness Bighorn sheep defying gravity on rocky slopes and cliffs. Both males and females possess magnificent curved horns. Bighorn sheep thrive in steep terrain.

8. River otter

Find River otters in lakes, rivers, and wetlands. These playful creatures swim, dive, and hunt for fish.

9. Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

squirrel eating an acornImage from Flickr by 

Encounter these adorable creatures in forests and meadows. Golden-mantled ground squirrels have grayish-brown fur with a golden stripe. They forage for seeds and nuts and display curious behavior.

10. Trumpeter swan

Trumpeter SwanImage from Flickr by 

Marvel at these graceful birds in marshes, lakes, and ponds. Trumpeter swans, the largest waterfowl in North America, have long necks, and dazzling white plumage, and emit a deep, resonant call. They symbolize the beauty of wetland ecosystems.



Discover the Majestic Wildlife of Grand Teton National Park

This breathtaking park is home to majestic Black Bears, Gray Wolves, elegant Trumpeter Swans, and powerful Bighorn Sheep. Respecting the animals' space and adhering to park regulations ensures incredible encounters. Bring your binoculars and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Grand Teton National Park! 

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For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our Grand Teton National Park Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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