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Best Things To Do in Rocky Mountain National Park


Rocky Mountain National Park Tour Map

Visitors are mesmerized by Rocky Mountain National Park's natural beauty and abundance of species. This national park features steep mountains, lush alpine meadows, and picturesque lakes, making it perfect for outdoor exploration.

Hikers, campers, and wildlife watchers will find Rocky Mountain National Park to be paradise. This article will lead you through a curated itinerary of park pursuits, ensuring a memorable trip in this breathtaking setting.

Hiking & Nature Exploration

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Hikers will love Rocky Mountain National Park's many scenic paths. Popular park hiking trails include:

1. Trail Ridge Road/Alpine Visitor Center

This picturesque journey offers various great hiking trails and vistas. Hikes like the Ute Trail begin at the Alpine Visitor Center.

2. Bear Lake and its surrounding trails

Hikes like the Bear Lake Loop Trail start at Bear Lake. This family-friendly walk leads to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake and gives breathtaking views of the crystalline lake.

3. Emerald Lake and the Dream Lake Trail

Alpine meadows, towering trees, and beautiful mountain peaks line the Dream Lake Trail. Emerald Lake, encircled by spectacular cliffs, is a Rocky Mountain National Park jewel.

Wildlife in Rockies

bighorn sheepImage from Flickr by Rocky Mountain National Park

The park is a great place to go bird-watching and hiking. Animals such as bighorn sheep, elk, moose, black bears, and mountain lions are notoriously difficult to spot, so instead, keep an eye out for birds, like Golden Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, and Mountain Bluebirds.

Preserving the Park

Respect the park's delicate plant and animal environment. Stay on trails and never feed or approach animals. Responsible action can protect Rocky Mountain National Park's natural riches for future generations.

Camping & Picnicking

camping in the rocky mountainsImage from Flickr by 

Rocky Mountain National Park offers a variety of camping options for visitors seeking quiet in nature. Here's some information about camping in the park:

Campgrounds and reservation details

Rocky Mountain National Park has numerous campgrounds with various amenities. Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, and Aspenglen have established campgrounds, while Longs Peak and Timber Creek are more primitive. These campgrounds fill up rapidly, especially during high seasons, therefore reservations are recommended.

Map of Campgrounds in Rocky Mountain

Backcountry camping and permits

Backcountry camping is provided in specific park areas for travelers seeking a secluded experience. Camping permits can be obtained from park visitor centers. These permits ensure wilderness management and maintain the park's delicate ecosystems.

Rocky Mountain National Park is also a great place to have a picnic. Venues for park picnics:

Moraine Park

moraine parkImage from Flickr by Rocky Mountain National Park

The big fields, numerous wildflowers, and the Big Thompson River all add to the beauty of Moraine Park. The park is known for its beauty, which makes it a great place to have lunch. There are bathrooms and picnic tables, which make it easier to use and more appealing.

Hidden Valley

At the eastern end of the park, in Hidden Valley, is a place for families to picnic. There is peace and quiet there because there are BBQ grills, picnic tables, and a lot of space to play and do things outside. Some of the best places to picnic in the valley are in the quiet fields and among the tall trees.

At Rocky Mountain National Park, people can camp, have picnics, and do other things in the great woods to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Outdoor Activities


fishing in rocky mountainImage from Flickr by 

Take your fishing rod to the park's tranquil lakes and streams! It's a terrific way to unwind in the park's natural splendor.

Horseback riding

The National Park has horseback-friendly routes. Explore harsh landscapes, deep forests, and spectacular views. You'll feel like a real cowboy or cowgirl.

Mountain biking

Rocky Mountain National Park includes bike trails for all abilities. Ride meandering pathways, climb steep hills, and descend thrillingly. Watch out for some wildlife!

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

snow hike in rocky mountain Image from Flickr by 

Winter sports

Snowshoes and cross-country skis are perfect for Rocky Mountain National Park winters! Explore the park's snowy terrain. It's a great way to enjoy the park in winter.

Wildflower hikes

Rocky Mountain National Park blooms in spring. Wildflower treks are great for seeing scented blooms up close. Follow the trails through flower-filled meadows and take pictures.

Rocky Mountain National Park has so much to offer every tourist. The park immerses tourists in its gorgeous settings, from Bear Lake and Emerald Lake hiking routes to wildlife viewing. Respect the park's delicate habitat and wildlife by following Leave No Trace principles and safety standards.

Minimizing our influence and acting responsibly can help maintain the park's natural beauty for future generations. Rocky Mountain National Park should be on your bucket list! If you're visiting soon, check out our Rocky Mountain National Park tour so you don't miss anything!

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For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our Rocky Mountains National Park Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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