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Bierstadt Lake/ Shutterstock Image

10 Scenic Views in Rocky Mountains National Park


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Welcome to Rocky Mountain National Park, a breathtaking destination renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes and majestic mountain vistas. In this article, we’ll clue you into the ten best viewpoints and outlooks that showcase the best of the Rockies.

Experience the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountains National Park. Whether you enjoy leisurely strolls or adventurous hikes, immerse yourself in breathtaking views. Explore iconic Trail Ridge Road and discover the tranquil shores of Dream Lake.

1. Trail Ridge Road

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No hike required

This iconic road offers numerous viewpoints along its route, providing breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

2. Alpine Visitor Center

No hike required

Located along Trail Ridge Road, the Alpine Visitor Center offers a high-elevation vantage point with expansive views of the surrounding alpine tundra.

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3. Bear Lake

Short and easy trail (under 1 mile)

This popular destination features a picturesque lake surrounded by towering peaks. The easy trail around the lake offers several viewpoints with stunning reflections.

4. Moraine Park

moraine parkImage from Flickr by  Park

No hike required

A beautiful meadow, with a dramatic backdrop of the mountains, Moraine Park offers a scenic viewpoint accessible from the parking area or nearby trails.

5. Emerald Lake

Moderate trail - 3.2 miles

Located in the Bear Lake area, the hike to Emerald Lake rewards you with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the serene, emerald-colored lake itself.

6. Alberta Falls

Short and easy trail

Along the trail to Alberta Falls, you'll encounter several viewpoints that provide beautiful glimpses of the cascading waterfall and the surrounding forest.

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7. Bierstadt Lake

Moderate trail - 2.9 miles

The hike to Bierstadt Lake offers a peaceful setting and stunning views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, including a panoramic view of the Continental Divide.

8. Chasm Lake

chasm lakeImage from Flickr by 

Strenuous trail - 8 miles

A challenging hike but worth the effort, Chasm Lake offers a unique viewpoint with a close-up view of Longs Peak and the dramatic Chasm Cirque.

9. Dream Lake

Moderate trail - 2.0 miles

Accessible via the Bear Lake Trailhead, the hike to Dream Lake takes you through picturesque landscapes and culminates in a view of the lake nestled beneath towering peaks.

10. Point Park in Grand Lake

No hike required

Located at the western entrance of the park, Point Park in Grand Lake offers sweeping views of the largest natural lake in Colorado, surrounded by rugged mountains.

Rocky Mountain National Park boasts tons of breathtaking viewpoints and outlooks that show off the park's beautiful scenery.

From the convenient stops along Trail Ridge Road to the quiet shores of Bear Lake and the challenging hikes leading to Chasm Lake, there is something for every adventurer and nature enthusiast.

Whatever difficulty level you’re looking for, these ten remarkable locations offer awesome hiking experiences that will leave you in awe of the epic beauty of the Rockies.

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