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Grand Canyon East Rim - Everything You Need To Know


The Grand Canyon is one of nature's greatest achievements. Millions of tourists go there every year. Although the West Rim and South Rim get all the attention, the East Rim is a lesser-known but equally impressive sight. It's there, but it hasn't been found yet.

The Grand Canyon East Rim is a must-visit destination. It offers stunning views, unique hiking trails, and serene beauty. In this travel guide, we will highlight some of the best things to do in the area.

Getting There

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The East Rim of the Grand Canyon is located near Page, Arizona, and can be accessed from various directions. The nearest major airports are Phoenix and Las Vegas. They have numerous flights from domestic and international destinations.

There is also a municipal airport in Page, which is the closest city to it all. From there, you can rent a car to get to the area itself. The drive from either city takes approximately four to five hours, depending on traffic and the route you choose. If you can manage a flight into Page, on the other hand, it’s a whole lot closer.

Scenic Overlooks

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is located a few miles south of Page, AZ. It offers a jaw-dropping view of the Colorado River curving around a massive rock formation. The overlook provides a unique perspective of the horseshoe-shaped bend, with dramatic cliffs and vibrant blue-green waters below.

Antelope Point Overlook

The Antelope Point Overlook is situated in the Navajo Nation. It offers panoramic views of Lake Powell and the surrounding red rock formations. This viewpoint provides a great vantage point to admire the vastness of the lake and the striking geological features.

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

Glen Dam OverlookGlen Dam / Shutterstock Image

The Glen Canyon Dam Overlook is a short drive from Page. It offers a fantastic view of the massive Glen Canyon Dam and the sparkling waters of Lake Powell. Visitors can witness the scale of the dam and marvel at the contrast between the towering concrete structure and the serene beauty of the lake.

Wahweap Overlook

The Wahweap Overlook is located near the Wahweap Marina. It offers sweeping views of Lake Powell and the colorful surrounding cliffs. This viewpoint is particularly stunning during sunset when the golden hues reflect off the water, creating a mesmerizing scene.

Navajo Bridge

The historic Navajo Bridge spans the Colorado River. From the bridge, stunning views of the river flowing through Marble Canyon can be enjoyed. The area features towering cliffs and rugged beauty.

Hiking Trails

Wire Pass Trail to Buckskin Gulch

Located in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, this hike combines the Wire Pass Trail and the Buckskin Gulch. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The slot canyons provide a mesmerizing display of narrow walls, stunning formations, and beautiful light filtering through the cracks above.

Lower Antelope Canyon

antelope canyon in grand canyonShutterstock Image

Lower Antelope Canyon is not a traditional hike. It offers a mesmerizing walk through narrow sandstone slot canyons. The captivating light beams create a surreal atmosphere. Guided tours are required to explore this enchanting natural wonder. Check out our article to find a guided tour that’s right for you!

Hanging Garden Trail

This moderate trail is located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and offers beautiful views of Lake Powell. The trail showcases a picturesque desert landscape. It features unique rock formations. The trail culminates in a scenic overlook. The overlook offers stunning panoramic views of the lake and surrounding canyons.

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon

This lesser-known slot canyon near Horseshoe Bend offers an off-the-beaten-path adventure. With towering walls and colorful rock formations, this slot canyon hike provides an opportunity to witness the beauty of the unique geological features that the area is known for.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument is worth mentioning for its incredible natural beauty. Accessible by boat or a lengthy hike, Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. The trail to the bridge offers scenic views of Lake Powell and the surrounding red rock formations.

Cultural Attractions

Navajo Village Heritage Center

navajo villageImage from Flickr by 

Experience Navajo culture at this center in Page. Explore a recreated Navajo village, witness traditional demonstrations, and engage with Navajo artisans and storytellers.

John Wesley Powell Museum

Discover the exploration of John Wesley Powell, an American explorer. Explore exhibits on his journeys, Native American artifacts, geology, and the region's natural and cultural history.

Antelope Point Marina Tribal Park

Managed by the Navajo Nation, this park offers guided tours that provide insights into Navajo culture and history. Explore the stunning landscape, learn about traditional stories and legends, and discover ancient petroglyphs.

Outdoor Activities

Lake Powell Kayaking

kayaking in lake powellImage from Flickr by 

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Powell by embarking on a kayaking adventure. Rent a kayak or join a guided tour. Paddle through calm waters, marveling at towering red rock formations and hidden coves. You can also access secluded beaches and enjoy swimming or picnicking along the shoreline.

Glen Canyon Rafting

Experience the thrill of white-water rafting or enjoy a calm scenic float along the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. Guided rafting tours are available and offered by several different companies. Navigate through the stunning canyons, witness towering cliffs, and soak in the serene beauty of the river.

Horseback Riding Around Page

Discover the magnificent landscapes around Page on horseback. Join a guided horseback riding tour. Explore rugged terrain, ancient rock formations, and wide-open spaces. Experience the area's beauty from a unique perspective. Enjoy the tranquility and connection with nature as you ride through this stunning wilderness.


Throughout the year, the weather at Grand Canyon East Rim offers a mesmerizing experience. In spring, enjoy pleasant temperatures and vibrant wildflowers. Summer brings warmth and occasional thunderstorms, so stay hydrated.

Fall treats you to breathtaking foliage as temperatures cool. Winter transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland with chilly temperatures. Be prepared for changing weather and gusty winds, dressing in layers.

The ever-changing weather adds to the majestic charm of East Rim. Whether you visit in spring, summer, fall, or winter, embrace the natural beauty of East Rim's weather on your unforgettable journey.

Best Time to Visit

lake powell on sunsetLake Powell / Shutterstock Image

Personal interests and desired experiences determine the optimum time to visit the Grand Canyon National Park East Rim. Spring (March–May) brings warm temperatures, wildflowers, and fewer tourists. Summer (June–August) is warmer but busier.

Prepare for thunderstorms and plan outdoor activities for cooler mornings or evenings. Fall (September–November) offers mild temperatures, gorgeous foliage, and fewer tourists. Winter (December–February) has fewer visitors and colder weather. Winter weather closures need dressing warmly.

Spring and October are the greatest times to visit for pleasant weather, lovely landscapes, and fewer tourists. Each season in the Grand Canyon East Rim has its own appeal, so it depends on your choices and priorities.

Where to Stay

Page, AZ offers a range of accommodations, including hotels and campgrounds. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in the larger towns of Flagstaff or Williams, which are both within driving distance.

For a more immersive experience, camp within Grand Canyon National Park. Make reservations well in advance, as spots fill up quickly.

Grand Canyon's East Rim and Page, Arizona, offer outdoor activities and cultural attractions that captivate visitors.

Kayak on the stunning waters of Lake Powell and embark on thrilling rafting adventures through Glen Canyon. Immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty.

Page truly is a destination that combines outdoor adventures and cultural exploration for an unforgettable experience. If you want to see all of Page and the nearby Horseshoe Bend, be sure to check out our Horseshoe Bend and Page AZ Tour!

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We hope that we’ve given you all the information you need to make the most of your day. Your vacation is extremely important to us so if you have any questions feel free to reach out at aloha@shakaguide.com.

For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our Horseshoe Bend Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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