How to Take a Shaka Guide Tour

How to Take a Shaka Guide Tour

Shaka Guide

Aloha and thank you for downloading Shaka Guide. Please watch the video below to help you start your downloaded Shaka Guide tour.

If you're having trouble navigating the app click here for an app overview. If you're having trouble purchasing and downloading the tours, please click here for a tutorial. 

To use Shaka Guide, you only need to have done these two steps:

  1. Download the Shaka Guide app 
  2. Purchase your tour or tours and download them onto your device.

If bought your Shaka Guide tours from our website or from any of our travel partners like TripAdvisor, Viator, Get Your Guide, etc., click here for the guide about how to redeem your purchase and download your tour or tours. 

Here are the steps to taking a tour! 

  1. Connect your phone to the car's stereo for the best experience - here's how. 
  2. Select your purchased tour. *Make sure to download it completely (preferably in wifi) before you start the tour.*
  3. Select "Start Tour Now." 
  4. Make sure you "Allow" use of your device's Location Services and read the Safety Precautions
  5. Choose a tour starting point or, you can also join the tour in progress. 
  6. Go through the tour tutorial - this is a short series of screens that will explain the app - we highly recommend you watch! 
  7. Follow directions to the tour starting point. 
    • We'll guide you to the tour starting point using Apple or Google maps. 
    • Once you reach the tour starting point the Shaka Guide app will automatically pop up and the tour will start. 
  8. Enjoy your tour!

Other Tips

?    There are a couple other tips we have to help you get the most of our offline map and tours. Tap on the gear icon ?? on the tour map screen to learn more about the tour, make some changes to your tour or to contact us if you need support. 

?    Also on the tour map screen, swipe up and you'll see a list view of the tour stops and the tour highlights. When viewing the tour list, you can click on each of the tour stop to read more information about it or play the audio specific for that tour stop. The list shows the tour stops in chronological order. 

?    When you make a stop at any point in the tour, simply toggle off the green toggle button. This helps save your battery  life. When you’re ready to start the tour back up again, you can tap on the ‘resume tour’ button in the app. 

?    Always double check your tour audio after you make a stop. Just click the play button on any of the tour stops to test audio. If you hear it through the car stereo, it is good to go. If  you don't hear audio, we recommend force quitting all running apps from your phone and reopening the Shaka Guide app and resume your tour.

?    You'll see small icons around the map - these are tour highlights. These aren't necessarily stops on the tour, but nearby recommendations for things to do, places to eat and more. Feel free to check them out! We won't guide you there, but just return to the route to continue the tour in progress. 

?    If for whatever reason you are still having trouble with the app, reach out to our customer support team. Select the support tab on the bottom for different ways to get in touch - chat, email or call! 

Have more questions? Check out our App FAQ's here.

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