Artists Palette / Shutterstock Image

Artists Palette / Shutterstock Image

How to Visit Artists Palette, Death Valley's Most Fascinating Viewpoint


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Death Valley National Park's Artists Palette has fascinated visitors for decades. You will be dazzled by Bob Ross-like colors. The brilliant reds, yellows, purples, and greens of Artists Palette show out in this arid setting. Come and explore Mother Nature's ingenuity with us at this stunning vista.

Getting There

First, make your way to Death Valley. Then…

  1. Visit the park's main visitor center, Furnace Creek. Before you leave, gather information and maps here.
  2. Drive 8 miles south on Badwater Road from Furnace Creek. Keep an eye out for signs to Artist Drive.
  3. Artist Drive is a one-way scenic road that wanders into the hills. It's on this scenic road that you'll find Artists Pallete.

Keeping track of Road closures and weather advisories are extremely important in Death Valley during excessive temperatures.

When to Visit

Visit in the late afternoon or early evening when the low sun casts a warm, golden light on the stunning scenery. Winter has milder temps and brighter skies, making colors pop and photography easier.

Pro Tip: Avoid crowds by visiting outside the months of early spring.

Photography Tips

Use a Wide-Angle Lens

This will capture the multicolored rock formations' view and emphasize the landscape's vastness.

Shoot During the Golden Hour

Artists Palette is best photographed during the golden hour, which is about an hour after sunrise or before sunset. Colors will be richer in this warm, steady light.

Play with Contrast

The vivid colors of these boulders against the desert's monochromatic environment can produce dramatic compositions. Try adding a person or object to the foreground to add scale and depth.


Artists Palette is a feast for photographers, so be sure to take your time to explore and experiment. Capture the mesmerizing colors and textures that make this viewpoint truly extraordinary!

Artists Palette is definitely a must-visit within Death Valley National Park because of its uniquely vibrant colors and stunning geological formations. However, remember that Artists Palette is just one of the many extraordinary attractions within Death Valley National Park.

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So, pack your bags, and go explore Death Valley! There are countless treasures that await in this remarkable desert oasis. When you’re planning your visit, make sure to check out our Death Valley National Park Tour to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our Death Valley National Park Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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colorful mountains


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