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Should You Visit Death Valley in Winter?


Death Valley National Park entices visitors with its breathtaking desert scenery and scorching temperatures throughout the year. While spring and summer attract the most visitors, winter unveils a different side of the park.

The Winter Landscape

In winter, Death Valley offers a serene break from the intense heat. Snow-capped mountains provide a striking contrast against the dry landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop. Embrace the captivating beauty of Death Valley during the winter season.

The Weather

January presents pleasant weather, making it an ideal time to explore the park. Winter offers milder temperatures compared to spring and summer, facilitating outdoor activities. With average temperatures ranging from 60 to 70°F, it provides a refreshing break from the sweltering summer heat.

Take advantage of the favorable winter climate to embark on exciting hikes, admire stunning vistas, and engage in various outdoor pursuits. Experience the joy of canyon hiking and scenic drives in Death Valley's inviting winter weather.

Encountering Wildlife

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Winter is a time when wildlife becomes more visible, providing unique encounters. Bighorn sheep gracefully navigate the rugged terrain with their impressive horns. Coyotes wander the vast expanse of the park, adding to its charm. 

Stargazing and Night Photography

Discover the enchanting night sky of Death Valley during winter, free from excessive light pollution. The clear air offers a splendid view of numerous stars and constellations, delighting stargazers. Capture stunning long-exposure photographs that beautifully blend the night sky with the dry landscapes.

Embrace the allure of winter at Death Valley National Park, where mesmerizing scenery, pleasant weather, rare wildlife sightings, and thrilling outdoor activities. Indulge in stargazing and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. Experience the serenity and magnificence of winter in Death Valley. Don't miss out on any of the highlights by joining our year-round tour of Death Valley National Park.

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