Image by Martin Zangerl, Unsplash

Image by Martin Zangerl, Unsplash

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The Big Island is - you guessed it - the largest island in the Hawaii Island chain. With mutliple active volcanoes, black sand beaches, lush rainforest, crisp turquiose shores, and two National Parks, the Big Island (also known as Hawaii Island) packs a lot in.

Whether you're visiting the seaside town of Kona, historic Hilo, or relaxing Waikoloa - or anywhere in between - our maps will help you plan your trip to the Big Island! You'll find 7 maps including an island map with points of interest, a regional map, and five scenic driving tour maps with stops. 

Big Island Map with Points of Interest 

Get the island basics with this general map. You'll find major points of interest like historic sites, popular beaches, national parks, hikes, cities, towns and airports. 

Big Island Map with Points of Interest

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Big Island Map with Regions 

Big Island has six distinct regions: 

  1. Kohala 
  2. Kona
  3. South (Kau)
  4. Puna 
  5. Hilo
  6. Hamakua Coast

Kohala is located on the north west coast of the island. Here's where you'll find historic sites like Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site and Lapakahi State Park. This section of the island also has strong ties to King Kamehameha I - the man who united the Hawaiian Islands. The Kohala Coast is also known for the resort town of Waikoloa with its pristine beaches. 

Kona is a seaside town with cute shops, restaurants and hotels. Kona is also the location of one of the islands major airports, Kona International Airport (KOA). This is where you'd fly if you're basing your stay in Kona or nearby Waikoloa. 

South - or Kau - is home to South Point - the southernmost point of the United States. Here you can cliff jump, visit a historic heiau, or walk to one of the worlds four green sand beaches. 

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Puna is located on the east coast of the Big Island. You may know it from the 2018 volcanic eruptions that forced local residents to evacuate their homes. It's near Volcanoes National Park.

Hilo is the Big Island's largest city and is home to the island's second major airport, Hilo International Airport (ITO). Hilo is steeped in history and allure. Nearby you'll find jungle hikes and waterfalls - making it not only a bustling place to visit, but a great spot for outdoor adventures. 

The Hamakua Coast consists of the island's northern coast. It's a lush coastline that displays the rugged beauty of this island. 

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Big Island Tour Maps 

Volcanoes National Park Tour 

Check out the must-see stops in Volcanoes National Park fromm hiking over lava fields to exploring a lava tube. Hey, you may even see lava if you're lucky! 

Volcanoes National Park Map

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North Island Jungle Adventure Loop 

Explore the Big Island's Hamakua Coast! You'll hike to waterfalls, discover scenic overlooks, and visit Hilo. 

Map of North Island jungle adventure loop showcasing trails, landmarks, and points of interest.

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South Island Epic Coastal Journey 

Make your way to the southernmost tip of the United States on Shaka Guide's South Island Epic Coastal Journey. Start the tour in Hilo, Kona or Waikoloa then travel around the island stopping at snorkel spots, a macadamia nut farm, and a black sand beach. 

Map of South Island's epic coastal journey showcasing stunning landscapes and attractions.

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Kona Big Kahuna Tour 

Spend your day on the Kona coast discovering it's many beaches, snorkel spots and historic sites! 

Scenic aerial view of Kona Big Kahuna Loop Tour showcasing lush landscapes and winding roads.

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Kohala Coast Backcountry Tour 

This bite-sized tour takes about 3-5 hours to complete but packs in loads of history. You'll walk in the footsteps of King Kamehameha I and learn why this section of the island is so important to his story. 

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