Help! iTunes keeps Auto-Playing During Tour

" I have an iPhone and everytime after the tour finishes playing a part of the tour audio, it starts playing the first song in my iTunes Music! This is super annoying how do I get it to stop?? " - iPhone User 

This is a known Apple iOS problem, not a problem with the Shaka Guide Apps. Apparently, this started happening with iOS 9 and seems like an attempt for Apple to push it's Apple Music service. 


Since every car is a little different, you may need to try all of them to make your iPhone stop Auto-Playing iTunes music. 

1. Hard Quit the Music App

1. Double click your iPhone's Home button to launch the multitasking screen. (all apps displayed in a carousel)

2. Find the Music app and flick it upwards in order to close it out.

3. If still doesn't fix problem - try the others. 

2. Turn off "Auto Play" in your Car's Settings

Note: Every car radio's make and model​ are different - some cars do not have this option. Try the other solutions. 

From your car's in-dash stereo screen. Look for any options to turn off or disable "Auto Play" under your Media Player or iPod option. 

3. Change "Restrictions" Settings for Apple Music

Apple is somewhat confusing but there is a back-door method to stop Apple Music Connect from Auto playing during the tour. In order to do this, you have to change a "Restriction" setting.


1. Go to iPhone Settings 

2. Select "General

3. Scroll down, select "Restrictions

4. Type in your 4 digit "Restrictions Passcode"

5. Find "Apple Music Connect" and turn it off 

6. Go back to the app and see if that solved the problem. 

4. Disable Streaming over Cellular Network

If you don't have Apple Music stored on your phone, it will automatically stream your Apple Music playlist unless you turn it off. 

1. Go to iPhone Settings 

2. Select "Cellular" 

3. Scroll down and look for "Music" (alphabetical) 

4. Turn it OFF by toggling the green switch. 

5. Go back to the app and see if that solved the problem. 

If you are still having problems:

please contact us by selecting the "Tour Guide" tab in the app and then tap on either email or Phone support

We want to help you have a great time on the Tour! 

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