Car Charger 

When taking a Shaka Guide driving tour make sure to bring your phone’s charger and keep it charged in the car at all times if possible.


The GPS of your phone will slowly drain the battery, so unless you keep your phone charged, your phone might run out of charge before the end of your tour.



USB Port - Charger Built into Car


So bring your USB charge cable and plug it into the car. Make sure that when you pick up a rental car, check to see that your rental has a USB charge plug. In some cases, the USB cable has a dual benefit of also syncing audio with the car speakers.




Cigarette Lighter - Charger


Another way to charge your phone is through a charger used through the cigarette lighter. This requires an additional unit to convert the battery’s power to charge your phone.





If you don’t have a way to charge your phone in the car


Use the following methods to conserve your battery:

  • Download your desired Tour in advance using Wi-fi

  • Leave tour ON but close the screen - The tour will still play as your drive you just won’t be able to see the map

  • Turn OFF cellular data but do not turn on Airplane mode - the GPS is all that is needed when taking the tour.