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La Sal Mountains / Shuttershock

La Sal Mountain Loop Ultimate Guide - All You Need To Know


La Sal Tour Map

la sal tour map

The Utah La Sal Mountains are a hidden jewel for adventurers and environment lovers. These Moab-area peaks provide recreational activities and stunning vistas. Not to mention, they hold a rich history and culture.

The La Sal Mountains should be on your Utah bucket list if you love hiking, animals, or serenity.

What are the La Sal Mountains?

la sal mountains

The La Sal Mountains in Utah are a wonderful example of how beautiful nature can be all over the world. Hills reach for the sky. From the top of one of these steep hills, you can see a wide view of the area, which include mountains, spires, forests, streams, and fields.

Getting There

Accessing the La Sal Mountains is best done by car. Public transportation or shuttle options are limited in the area. From Moab, the nearest city, and Salt Lake City, the nearest major city, reaching the mountain range is a straightforward journey.

From Moab, it’ll be around 45 minutes in the car. If you're traveling from Salt Lake City it’ll take around 4 hours. There are no permits or fees required for accessing the La Sal Mountains.

Things to do in the La Sal Mountains


Here is a list of the best (but not all) views in La Sal:

Bull Canyon Lookout

Off this lookout high above the landscape below, you can experience epic views of the La Sal Mountains, capturing the rugged beauty of the area.

Warner Lake

lake on a cloudy skyImage from Flickr by Intermountain Forest Service

Warner Lake offers a serene alpine setting with pristine waters. It provides a tranquil escape for fishing, picnicking, and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Oowah Lake

Oowah Lake is a mountain lake surrounded by towering peaks. It offers a peaceful retreat for kayaking, canoeing, or simply basking in the natural splendor of the mountains.


Camping opportunities in the La Sal Mountains are abundant, with well-maintained campgrounds and options for dispersed camping. Whether you prefer a developed campground with amenities like restrooms and picnic areas or seek a more secluded experience, the mountain range has it all.

The campgrounds provide a perfect base camp for exploring the area, while dispersed camping allows for a closer connection with nature. Here are a few:

Ken’s Lake

A tranquil lakeside retreat, it offers picturesque views, swimming, fishing, and a serene camping experience. Reserve a spot here.

Oowah Lake

oowah lake campingImage from Flickr by Intermountain Forest Service

Enjoy a peaceful and idyllic setting for camping. The serene mountain lake is ideal for fishing, kayaking, and enjoying the natural beauty. The sites are first-come-first-serve - learn more here.

Warner Lake

Experience a tranquil camping getaway. Enjoy beautiful lake views, peaceful surroundings, and a range of recreational activities such as fishing and hiking. Reserve a spot here.

Fisher Towers

Located near the renowned Fisher Towers rock formations, this campground offers a unique camping experience. It provides breathtaking desert landscapes, access to iconic hiking trails, and stunning views of the formations. Learn more here.


Here’s a shortlist of some of the best (but not all) trails in the La Sal Mountains.

Castleton Tower

  • Distance: Approx. 2.5 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Embark on an exhilarating adventure to Castleton Tower, a popular climbing destination. Enjoy a hike that offers stunning views of the towering sandstone formation.

Fisher Towers

fisher towersImage from Flickr by 

  • Distance: Approx. 4.4 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Explore the iconic Fisher Towers, a series of soaring sandstone pinnacles. Follow a trail that winds through stunning desert landscapes and offers panoramic vistas.

Courthouse Wash

  • Distance: Approx. 2 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Easy

Discover ancient rock art and cultural history as you hike through Courthouse Wash, encountering remarkable pictographs along the way.

Brumley Arch

  • Distance: Approx. 6.6 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Experience the natural beauty of Brumley Arch, a magnificent sandstone arch. Follow a trail that meanders through scenic canyons and offers opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Safety and Responsible Tourism Tips

Ensure you are prepared for any activity by bringing appropriate gear. Drink plenty of water and be mindful of the weather. Follow Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural environment. This includes packing out all trash, staying on designated trails, and respecting wildlife and vegetation.

Be sure to check for specific regulations or guidelines set forth by the authorities of the area. This includes campfire restrictions or permits required for certain activities. This ensures a responsible and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Hopefully, while learning more about these mountains, you've discovered that the La Sal Mountains are a hidden gem. They offer abundant outdoor activities and rich natural beauty. From rugged peaks to serene alpine lakes, this mountain range offers a diverse range of experiences for every visitor.

Fun Fact: everything mentioned in this article is included as part of our La Sal Mountain Loop Tour! Be sure to check it out so you don’t miss a thing on your visit.

We hope that we’ve given you all the information you need to make the most of your day. Your vacation is extremely important to us so if you have any questions feel free to reach out at aloha@shakaguide.com.

For more detailed information to help you plan, check out our La Sal Mountains Itinerary and Know Before You Go article.

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