Photo by Jeromey Balderrama on Unsplash

Photo by Jeromey Balderrama on Unsplash

Yellowstone Maps

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Yellowstone National Park is massive. It spans 3 states and is a total of 2.2 million acres (yep, million). Not sure where to begin planning? Check out our maps below. From a detailed, one-week itinerary, to an overview of the top things to do, these maps will help you get acquainted with the layout of the park so you can make the most of your visit! 

One-Week Yellowstone Itinerary Map 

Check out the can't-miss stops in Yellowstone if you're visiting the park for a week! Don't have a week to spare? This map breaks down the stops you'd make by day. Just pick one section of the park and explore.  

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Top 10 Things to Do in Yellowstone Map 

With so much to see and do, it's hard to pick the must-see spots. Check out our top 10 things to do in Yellowstone on a map. Pick the stops you're interested in and go from there! 

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10 Must-See Geysers in Yellowstone Map

Yellowstone is known for it's geothermal features. Arguably the most famous are its geysers, spewing water from the earth surface with force. Looking for the must-see geysers in the park? Here where you'll find them! 

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12 Best Hot Springs in Yellowstone Map

Geysers aren't the only geothermal activity you'll find in Yellowstone. Check out the 12 best hotsprings to visit in the park. 

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Top 20 Waterfalls in Yellowstone Map

Did you know that Yellowstone has dozens of cascading waterfalls that you can visit? Check out the map below to see our top 20. 

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Yellowstone Hikes Map 

Whether you're a tenacious trekker or prefer a more leisurely stroll - Yellowstone National Park has a hike for everyone! Check out our hiking map below to find 23 of our favorites. 

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Shaka Guide's Yellowstone National Park Tour Route Map

Shaka Guide's Yellowstone National Park Tour features 110 stops in the park. You can start the tour at any entrance and travel in any direction! Get a sneak peek at the tour using the map below. You'll find major points of interest, regions of the park, and even driving directions! 

Visitng Yellowstone? Download the Yellowstone National Park Tour for the ultimate self-guided adventure!

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