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We downloaded the Shaka app for our self-guided tour of the road to Hana in Maui. Let me just say it was well worth the $20. Honestly this tour was SO well done, Maui tourism should advertise it. Not only did it guide us on a road with zero cell service, it gave us in depth info about each stop before we got to it. It taught us about the beautiful history of Hawai’i and had great music along the way. My favorite part had to have been the reminders to respect the road signs, nature, and most importantly the locals. As respectful tourists, it is really nice to know the not so obvious not to do’s or places locals would like to keep to themselves. This was a very great thing to add to the tour and I really respect that! We chose the classic road to Hana as the loop is currently closed. I thought the ride home was going to be boring but to my surprise, the tour included a whole new bunch of info for the ride back! So so so well done. Probably even better than the guided tours. I will absolutely be recommending this and will definitely use it again when we return to Hawai’i!!!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

First used the app in Hawaii and loved it. Was accurate, interesting and entertaining with the information, history, stories and suggestions given. Was excited to see them adding national parks. Just used Mt Rainier and Olympic NP apps. Keep in mind many NP have bad cell phone usage so the app info downloaded was great! Will used now for all our travels where they cover it. 😀

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

We downloaded Shaka Maui after seeing so many positive reviews. Hands down the best money I have ever spend on an app. We were able to download 2 tours and get audible stops, directions and tips for food/shopping during our road to Hana. The app didn’t miss a beat when we had no cell coverage. The Road to Hana was highlight of our trips thanks to the Shaka Maui app.

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

Shaka Guide made or day in the Road to Hana so enjoyable and easy!! The options for stopping were spot-on and the tips, stories and history made the twist-y drive entertaining. I would totally recommend this to anyone thinking of taking this tour!!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

Definitely recommend getting this for your trip to Hana! Really easy to follow, lots of great tips that made for the perfect day. It would have been easy to miss the turns without this and the extra narration about the history and places we were going was great. Taking Shaka guide with us whenever it has a tour we are doing! Only suggestion is to skip the $10 parking for the Twin Falls. Lots of better free waterfalls further down the road!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

I never write reviews but I simply have no choice but to rave about this app! We purchased the classic Road to Hana tour and started it in Paia town. By the end of our day, my fiancé and I were legitimately sad to hear our virtual guide say his goodbyes. We felt so connected to the tour all day! It took us to all of the popular spots and gave us so much insight into the rich history surrounding the island of Maui! The guide gives you so many tips while driving and stopping which so so helpful- especially when driving on a road that so many locals are using on a daily basis, we wanted to make sure we were respectful and mindful that we are visitors and the Shaka Guide let us know to pull over for locals, where it’s appropriate to park, and what sites we should just drive by instead of stopping. Overall this was such an immersive and wonderful experience and we can’t wait to use the Shaka Guide app on our next trip to Hawaii!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

We had a little trouble setting up this app and were about to throw the towel in…I am SO GLAD we didn’t! We called the support line where they gave us prompt instructions to restore the app, and we were good to go in no time. The Legendary North Shore Loop in Oahu was so informative and gave us a full day of activities to explore. We are looking at the other locations to plan our next vacation because we can’t wait to see what else this app has to offer!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

Aloha! Shaka is the best self guided tour one can have! You never feel alone! You end up doing so much than originally anticipated! Highly recommend Shaka!

star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic star-ic

The app narration was pleasant and amazingly accurate. Lots of updates as you travel through the unfamiliar areas on the road to Hana. Great stories about the history of Hawaii and useful info all the way through. My family was skeptical but came to enjoy and appreciate the narration and advice. Don’t hesitate to use this for the trip guidanc.

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