Waimea & Na Pali  

GPS Driving Tour

Go on an all-day adventure to Kauai's famed

Waimea Canyon & Na Pali overlook. Enjoy turn-by-turn directions, information on what to look for and where to explore. Plus all the interesting stories and legends that bring the beautiful sceneries to life! 

3 hours of audio tour

68 narration points 

Tour plays automatically and guides you with turn-by-turn directions 


Start the tour right outside of Poipu (Koloa)

The tour completes in a loop, guiding you back to where you started

No cellphone data needed. The tour and map work offline. 

Listen to Tour Narration Samples

#25 Waipo'o Waterfall - Shaka Guide
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#47 Ni'ihau - the Forbidden Island - Shaka Guide
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Customer Reviews: 

#1 Vacation Enhancer

My wife and I were impressed at how much we enjoyed the guided tour. It was very accurate and helpful, sharing all thelittle hidden jems/hikes that we would had otherwise drove right by. We downloaded all three, one for each day. I think the days of the in-person tour guide are numbered with this sort of innovation. Very cost effective! Shaka!
                                              iPhone, by Emac money

Worked Like A Charm


We had never done a GPS driving tour and where concerned about whether it would work or not. Shaka Kauai worked perfectly. It was easy and enjoyable to use. We experienced some parts of the island that we likely would never have found on our own. The narrator is upbeat and informative, providing stories and facts that made the tour come to life. Absolutely, the best $5 we've spent on this vacation.

                                                      -iPhone, mcbennett

Stops on this Tour

  1. Kauai Coffee

  2. Russian Fort (Fort Elizebath)

  3. Waimea Bay Viewpoint

  4. Waimea Canyon

  5. Iliau Nature Loop

  6. Waimea Canyon Lookout

  7. Waipo'o Waterfall

  8. Canyon Hiking Trail 

  9. Pu'u Hinahina Viewpoint

  10. Koke'e Lodge & Museum

  11. Pu'u O Kila Lookout

12. Pihea Hiking Trail

13. Naupaka Flower Bush

14. Ni'ihau Island Lookout

15. Waimea Town

16. Jojo's Shave Ice

17. Menehune Ditch & Swinging Bridge

18. Ishihara Market

19. Captain James Cook Memorial

20. Lappert's Ice Cream

21. Hanapepe Town

22. Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

Download Shaka Guide Kauai and sample the tour !