Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Resort will appeal to surfers, golfers, and families alike; there’s something for everyone at this North Shore playground.


The resort itself is beautiful, a popular spot for weddings and honeymoons. If you’re into that sort of thing, make sure to check out the gazebo.


With plenty of pools and hot tubs, kids will love splashing around in the hot summer heat. And for the surfers reading this, don’t worry– Turtle Bay has you covered with a fleshed out surf shop, complete with surfboard rentals of the highest specs. Oh, and don’t forget there’s a world class surf break just a short paddle out from the entrance of the resort.


If golfing is your forte, Turtle Bay’s golf course was designed by world famous golfer, Arnold Palmer, and is a regular spot for pga tournaments.


No matter who you are, if your vacation takes you to North Shore of Oahu, you have to consider Turtle Bay.