Sandy Beach

When most people think about big, dangerous waves, Oahu’s North shore often comes to mind with its iconic big wave surf breaks like Pipeline and Waimea Bay. But, Oahu’s South shore has some gnarly waves of its own.


Most notably of these is Sandy Beach. You won’t find surfers taking of on tall, steep waves– it’s the powerful shore break that bring fame to Sandy Beach. The waves might not look very tall, but it’s the wave’s curling crest, or lip that carries most of the power. Getting hit with even a 6 foot wave at Sandy’s is like being hit with a ton of bricks!


The board of choice at Sandy’s is actually not a surfboard, but a bodyboard. Some don’t use a board at all– just swim fins and their body, or bodysurfing. It’s a thrill to watch locals risk injury to catch these heavy behemoths, but it isn’t recommended to get in the water when there are waves as Sandy Beach is the most injury-prone beach on Oahu.


Aside from enjoying the spectacle at Sandy Beach, there are also some delicious food trucks in the parking lot. Depending on the day, the cohort of food trucks can change, so keep your eye out for some delicious local food!


Shaka Guide’s South Shore Oahu Tour takes you to Sandy Beach, in addition to many other must see destinations!