Road to Hana Tours Comparison

"Which Road to Hana Tour should I take?"    Read this article to find out!

Shaka Guide offers 3 different Road to Hana Driving Tours for 3 types of unique experience. 

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If this is your FIRST time on the Road to Hana

Any one of the 3 tours will work for you.


You’ll hit up all the popular stops sooner in the tour with the Classic Tour. To add an adventurous twist to that, take the “Loop” Tour. Or, take the less trodden path and take the “Reverse” Tour.

If you want to do Road to Hana TWICE on the same trip

If you just can’t get enough of this magic drive, then we recommend taking the “Classic” Tour first and take your time. Then take the “Reverse” Tour the next day to see it from the opposite direction. You’ll also have be able to hit up all the spots you might have missed on the Classic Tour.


If you are traveling with FAMILY

If you are traveling with family (little kids or elderly) and are not planning to stay overnight in Hana, we recommend “taking Classic” Road to Hana Tour. The “Classic” Tour will allow you to turn around early if you need to, whereas the “Loop” and “Reverse” Tours are designed to be completed from the beginning to end.


We also recommend that you don’t be in the rush as others often do driving the Road to Hana. Just take your time, and stop at every stop on the tour before you run out of energy. The benefit of the “Classic” Tour (and “Loop” Tour) is that you will hit waterfalls very early on. The first 2 waterfalls you will come to are Twin Falls and Na’ili’ili Haele Falls.

If this is your SECOND time on the Road to Hana

You likely have already done the “Classic” Tour or “Loop” Tour, or similar route. If this is your case, then we highly recommend that you try to “Reverse” Tour.

If you are staying OVERNIGHT in Hana

Great ! The advantage for staying overnight somewhere on the Hana Highway is that you’ll have more time to really take it slow and do it all.

So, if staying overnight is the plan, we recommend the “Loop” Tour and “Reverse” Tour.  Just take your time and stop as you wish the first day until you get to your hotel. Then the next day, resume the tour towards the end, again, taking your time and no rush.

Taking "Loop" & "Reverse" Tours MAY VIOLATE your rental car contract

You should be aware that your rental car company may not allow you to drive the "Loop" & "Reverse" Tours because the road is only paved intermittently during a certain section. It's your responsibility to check with them and understand all the ramifications.