• Jack Solomon

Where to Drive and Sightsee Around Oahu

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

When most people think of a Hawaiian road trip, they probably think of the Road to Hana on Maui.

While the Road to Hana is an excellent drive (and I highly recommend you drive it if you’re visiting Maui) there are plenty of excellent, scenic drives to take on the other islands.

During your visit, you may wonder where to drive and where to sightsee on Oahu. Driving around Oahu is really easy thanks to a complete highway system and the ease of access to a rental car, either through a rental company, Turo, or a carshare like Hui Carshare. When I moved to Oahu from the Big Island, what surprised me was how close together everything is– you can drive from one end of the island to the other in about an hour without traffic.

If you decide to rent a car vs taking a bus tour, you can save a lot of money (an average rental is around $40/day on Turo, a bus tour on average costs around $100). Also, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want.

Driving around Oahu’s coast is not only scenic and gorgeous, but it’s also fun! There are so many places to stop for a bite to eat or a quick dip in the ocean. Also, most people in Hawaii drive with Aloha, making your driving experience much more enjoyable.

There are too many famous and popular sites to list in this article, but I’ll recommend my favorite stops to drive to and sightsee around Oahu, from Waikiki to North Shore! All of these locations and more are featured in Shaka Guide Oahu’s Circle Island and South Shore tours.

1.) Diamond Head

Diamond Head Crater and Beach

Diamond Head lookout is just a quick drive from Waikiki, and it offers an insane view of the coastline below.

You can watch people surf from the lookout, or walk down the paved path for access to the sandy beach below. Parking can fill up on the weekends, so get there early!

Distance from Waikiki: ~10mins

2.) Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay from the Parking Lot

Hanauma Bay is a gorgeous beach and a nature preserve. Due to it’s protected status, the fish in the bay are huge and will swim right up to you!

You do have to pay to get into the bay, but I recommend you park at the top and stop at the lookout just for the gorgeous view!

Distance from Waikiki: ~25mins

3.) Halona Blowhole

Halona Blowhole

The Halona Blowhole sits just after Eternity Beach and just before Sandy Beach. It’s a geyser-like cave that shoots misty seawater into the air when there’s swell or high wind.

You can park right at the top and look down at the blowhole. From the lookout, you can also hike down into Eternity beach if you feel like getting into the water.

Local tip: police like to hang out at the lookouts around the South Shore, so make sure to watch your speed!

Distance to Halona Blowhole from Waikiki: ~25mins

4.) Makapu’u

Makapu'u Beach from the Point Lookout

Makapu’u lookout is another easily accessible lookout to pull into on your drive through Oahu’s South Shore. From the lookout you can see rocky cliffs, Makapu’u beach, and Rabbit & Sharkfin Islands just off the coast.

You can also hike to the tip of the point by following directions to the Makapu’u point hiking trail.

Distance from Waikiki to Makapu'u: ~30mins

5.) Pali Lookout

The View of Windward Oahu and Pali Cliffs from the Pali Lookout

The Pali lookout is just off of the Pali highway and provides a gorgeous vantage point of Oahu’s Windward (East) side. There’s a ton of history at the Pali Lookout– and a ton of wind too! The lookout sits nestled in the Pali cliffs, and the surrounding mountains and foliage are gorgeous.

There is a small fee to park in the little parking lot, and there’s almost always someone patrolling it. Also, there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, so make sure to go before heading up to the Pali lookout!

Distance from Waikiki to the Pali Lookout: ~25mins

6.) Chinaman’s Hat

Chinaman’s Hat is the local name for Mokoli’i Island due to it’s resemblance to the hats worn by early Chinese immigrants. It’s a small island right off shore from East Side Oahu near Kualoa Ranch. You can kayak to the island or even walk to it if the tide is low enough.

There’s a public beach park with a great view of the island and ample, free parking. There are also restrooms available. The beach is often littered with driftwood and other debris, but the park is still quite enjoyable.

Distance from Waikiki to Mokoli'i Island: ~45mins

7.) Laie Point

La'ie Point Sea Arch

Laie point is just a quick pull off on the way to North Shore from East Side. It sits at the end of a small neighborhood. The point itself is at the end of a cliff that locals often fish and cliff jump off of. A few hundred yards off of the point is the iconic sea arch that Late Point is known for.

There isn’t much of a parking lot– more like a culdesac. There are a few trash cans but not much else, so make sure to use the .restroom before heading out!

Distance from Waikiki to Laie Point: ~1hr 10mins

8.) Kahuku Shrimp Trucks

Garlic Shrimp from Romy's in Kahuku

The small town of Kahuku is known for both it’s produce and shrimp farms. Thanks to the abundance of farm fresh shrimp and prawns, there are multiple food trucks that serve delicious, world-class shrimp. Amongst the shrimp trucks, you can also find various food trucks serving everything from BBQ corn to shave ice. There are a few different collections of food trucks so don’t worry about finding the “right one”.

BBQ Corn from Kahuku Stand

My personal favorite, however, is Romy’s, which isn’t really a food truck at all but more of a shack. Everything they serve is amazing, but they are best known for their garlic shrimp. Lines here can get really long, so I recommend you call in your order ahead of time to save yourself hours (literally) of wait time.

Distance from Waikiki to Kahuku Shrimp Trucks: ~1hr 10mins

9.) Banzai Pipeline

A Giant Wave Breaking at Banzai Pipeline

This stop needs no introduction– Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach) is a world class surf spot for professional surfers from around the world. While the surf spot is raw, powerful, and dangerous, the white-sand beach it borders is warm, gorgeous, and generally less crowded than beaches on the south shore (especially in the summer when the waves are small).

There is a small parking lot, but it fills up really quickly on weekends. Your other options are street parking or parking at Sunset Elementary. There are also bathrooms, so no worries– stick around for a few hours!

Distance from Waikiki to Banzai Pipeline: ~1hr

10.) Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay at Sunset

Waimea bay is my personal favorite beach on Oahu– there’s just so much to do! Also, it’s insanely gorgeous. The beautiful white sand beach is surrounded by the stunning Waimea Valley to the rear. On days that there’s big surf, you can watch big wave surfers catching giants off of the point; on days that it’s flat, the beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, or cliff jumping off of the jump rock.

Tanning at Waimea Bay on a flat Summer Day

The parking lot is very small and is almost always full. Your best bet is to either park on the street going towards Haleiwa or pay to park at the Waimea Valley parking lot or the nearby church parking lot. Make sure to bring cash, as payment is cash only. There are bathrooms at Waimea Bay and at the Waimea Valley farmers market.

Distance from Waikiki to Waimea Bay: ~55mins

11.) Haleiwa Town

Haleiwa Town Sign

Haleiwa Town is must during your Oahu road trip. The small beach town will appeal to everyone, but especially surfers, art fans, and foodies. There are dozens of surf shops, art galleries, and places to eat. Also, Haleiwa is probably the best place to get authentic souvenirs to take home to your family and friends.'

Distance from Waikiki to Haleiwa: ~50mins

12.) Yokohama Bay

Yokohama Bay, or Yokes for short, is a hidden gem. It’s a pristine white sand beach that is often overlooked by visitors, but revered by locals. It sits at the very end of the road on Oahu’s West Side, and you really need a whole day to make the excursion. The drive is well worth it– the beach is beautiful and often empty, especially on weekdays. If you feel like hiking, Kaena Point Trail starts at the far side of Yokes.

The parking lot is well accommodating and there are bathrooms and showers.

Distance from Waikiki to Yokohama Bay: ~1hr 10mins

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