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Tour Guides Are Dead — And Shaka Guide is Taking Over

Article By Brittany Lieu

With the Shaka Guide app, you'll hear perfectly timed stories and driving directions as you drive along the tour route.

The tour guide is dead, well at least the conventional crowd herding, flag wielding one is. And you may already know why. Travelers young and old are demanding more than just tour bus views and picturesque postcards when they go on vacation. When in paradise, changes in user behavior reveal that smartphone equipped millennials have outgrown their grandparents’ generation of overpriced guided tours and chain resorts. Driving the sharing economy of Airbnbs and Ubers, this new age of travelers is seeking autonomy, affordability, and cultural authenticity in their trip itineraries.

Travelers are regaining ownership of their vacation experiences and all signs point to travel apps. As podcast and other audio content become popularized forms of entertainment, the emergence of mobile applications like Shaka Guide are satisfying the needs of domestic and now foreign Japanese ‘Free Independent Travelers.’

After going live in 2016, Shaka Guide has shrunken the most entertaining, knowledgeable, and patient tour guide into the pocket-sized convenience of a smartphone app. Telling the authentic stories and legends weaved throughout the landmarks and breathtaking sights of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, Shaka Guide is the only Hawaii-based GPS audio tour app. This app offers what every tech savvy, independent, and experiential generation of traveler seeks at the price of a local plate lunch on a sunny Hawaiian afternoon.

“Democratize information. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it. Information should be more accessible to the public,” Andrew Fowers, founder and CEO of Shaka Guide exclaims. Priced at about $10, Shaka Guide audio tours do more than just convey information. With every story carefully curated to the backdrop of hand selected Hawaiian music, each audio experience reflects an authentic narrative of the Hawaiian Islands. However, as the industry continues to move with user trends and innovation, Shaka Guide gives us a glimpse of what the travel industry crystal ball beholds…

Shaka Guide tours are an affordable alternative to expensive tour buses, and the experience is much more customizable.

In anticipation of the self driving car, in perhaps the next 5 to 10 years, Fowers predicts an even more integrated audio tour experience for users. The next latest and greatest vehicles will only make it easier for travelers to experience the world around them.

Keep this app bookmarked for your next trip to paradise and maybe you can say you knew of it before the age of self-driving tours! Check out Shaka Guide and the wonderful stories they tell on their website and social media to catch a glimpse of your future Hawaiian vacation.

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