Pali Lookout

The Pali mountain, part of the Ko’olau mountain range, is a sheer, jagged cliff that rises up into sky above windward Oahu.


More than two centuries ago, the Pali cliffs were the site of a fierce and bloody battle between King Kamehameha the great and the chiefs of Oahu. The end of the battle was as dramatic as it was bloody as thousands of warriors, including women and children, were cornered against the cliffs and driven over the steep drop to their deaths. This battle proved to be a decisive turning point in king Kamehameha’s conquering the island of Oahu, and subsequently uniting all of Hawaii under his rule.


From the Pali lookout you can read more about this battle and the history of the Pali cliffs– maybe you’ll even feel some mana (energy) from the events that have occurred right there, high up in the Ko’olau mountains.


The lookout also happens to be one of the windiest spots on the island, but the fantastic view of Southeast Oahu and the coastline below is well worth some messy hair! There’s a small fee to park in the parking lot, so don’t forget to pay!


Shaka Guide’s South Shore Oahu Tour takes you to the Pali Lookout, in addition to many other must see destinations!