Kapahulu Groin

Kapahulu Avenue– old Hawaii. At first glance, this street may look like any other in Honolulu’s network of vowel-rich street signs. But Kapahulu has more history than you might think. This  used to be the main hub of town before the resorts in Waikiki were built.  


Today, this area is dotted with seemingly unassuming restaurants that are local favorites. Most notable of these is Leonard’s Malasadas, a local go-to for the Portuguese style doughnut. 


Another must try restaurant in Kapahulu is Uncle Bo’s, a bistro with a young vibe which serves delectable Hawaiian and Asian food. My recommendation goes to their Dynamite shrimp- a crispy, sweet, spicy, and downright delicious shrimp dish. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t afford to miss out on their Hobos, a fried taro-based doughnut over vanilla ice cream.