Kahuku Shrimp Trucks

Romy's Garlic Butter Shrimp Scampi

If I had to recommend one thing to foodies visiting Oahu, it would be the North Shore’s food trucks. Specifically, the shrimp trucks of Kahuku.


Positioned adjacent to the Kahuku shrimp farms, the shrimp trucks have access to the freshest shrimp possible– literally pond to table! 


If you’re like me and you appreciate well cooked shrimp doused in garlic, then you can’t possibly miss out on the garlic shrimp plates of Giovanni’s or Romy’s. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much garlic, and the Kahuku shrimp trucks understand me. 


If you do decide to indulge, be prepared to get dirty. There’s no clean way to eat shrimp that hasn’t been pealed– you really just have to dive in and use your hands. Make sure to get as much of the juice as you can before you peel the shrimp, it’s the most delectable part in my opinion. But, whatever you miss the first time will fortunately be caught by the bed of fluffy, steamy, white rice beneath you to be consumed afterwards. No worries!


Make sure to wash your hands before and after, unless you enjoy the feeling of shrimp-juice-soaked fingers.