Halona Blowhole & Eternity Beach

The Halona Blowhole sits just before Sandy Beach when coming from Waikiki. It formed when a piece of the ceiling of an underwater cave collapsed. Now, when waves fill the cave with water, the pressure has nowhere to escape but through the hole. This causes water to shoot out of the hole in a pressurized mist, resembling a whale’s blowhole. 


On days with particularly rough seas or wind, you can see water spray many feet in the air, just like a geyser!


There’s a convenient lookout you can pull into to park. From the lookout is a gorgeous view of Sandy’s beach, the blowhole, and Halona Cove.


Halona Cove was dubbed “Eternity Beach” because it was where a scene in From Here to Eternity (a 1950’s WWII movie) was filmed. There is a steep rocky decent to the beach for those who want to get down, so good luck and watch your step!


Shaka Guide’s South Shore Oahu Tour takes you to the Halona Blowhole, in addition to many other must see destinations!