Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach)

Can you think of a more iconic beach on the North Shore of Oahu than Banzai Pipeline? I sure can’t.


Famous for it’s enormous, thrill-inducing, and categorically dangerous waves, Pipeline is a popular travel destination and surfing’s Mecca. 


While the surf break is called Banzai Pipeline, the beach itself is called Ehukai beach. There is a small parking lot, but it often fills up by about 10am on the weekends. Ehukai is home to a great number of less intense surf breaks neighboring Pipeline.


If you arrive in the winter, you can expect to see professional surfers going head to head on giant waves at the crowded surf spots. Every winter, the Triple Crown surf competition, nicknamed the “Superbowl of surfing” is held on the north shore. Pro surfers from around the world come to compete on the monstrous winter waves, sometimes reaching more then 30 feet tall. If you happened to be out here when the surf is up, it is very exhilarating to watch!


One thing you should know is that the surfing season is between November and February. Waves are usually pretty flat during other times of the year. If you arrive during the off season, the crowd can actually be quite thin. The water is clean and brilliantly blue while the sand is the toasty, golden color characteristic of the North Shore. Take advantage of the calm ocean and enjoy sunbathing and swimming.


Whether you’re a surfer or not, Ehukai beach and the spectacle of Banzai Pipeline are two destinations you do not want to miss. So grab a towel and head to the North Shore– surf’s up brah!